Obama's Better than McCain Because Republicans Will Oppose Obama

| May 23, 2008 | 3 Replies

Okay, I buy that Ed Morrissey really beleives what he’s saying, but it doesn’t make any sense to me.

After November 5th, either Barack Obama or John McCain will be President. We can be politically correct and claim that Bob Barr or Ralph Nader could somehow overcome the combined weight of the Republican and Democratic parties, but realistically they can at best act as spoilers. Uncast potential votes for either candidate makes it more likely their opponent will win; conservatives who sit on their hands make it more likely that Obama will win the White House.

Does anyone believe that Barack Obama would be more committed to border security than John McCain? Not if they’ve paid attention. Obama is at best the same as McCain on immigration, and more likely to acquiesce to Democrats like Dick Durbin on another full-blown amnesty. Even if we consider that a wash, where else does Obama look better than McCain to conservatives?

Here’s what I see as the only practical difference between an Obama White House and one occupied by McCain: Republicans are far more likely to oppose Obama as a group than they are McCain.

A McCain Presidency will fracture what few Republicans remain in Congress and there will be no meaningful opposition to any of the anti-conservative legislation that we know John McCain will be pushing. I’ll play the question game, too. Does anyone really think that we won’t see President McCain try to cut off even more freedom of speech with another campaign finance reform law after this campaign? Does anyone think that he won’t try a new McCain shamnesty, complete with a little choking up at the thought of his very ill friend Ted Kennedy who co-sponsored the legislation last year? Does anyone think he won’t try to shut down Guantanamo Bay and shove all those men, taken while trying to kill Americans, into a criminal justice system that was never designed to handle them? Does anyone really believe that he’ll appoint judges who would likely overturn his signature accomplishment in the last ten years? Does anyone believe he’ll make the Bush tax cuts permanent considering tht he derided them very publicly as tax cuts for the rich? Does anyone think that John McCain will smack down Dick Durbin in public on anything when he refused to do so as Durbin slandered our troops about Guantanamo Bay? Heck, Ted Kennedy accused our soldiers of opening rape rooms and John McCain promptly co-sponsored a major piee of legislation with him.

Right now, there is every reason to expect that if John McCain gets to the White House he will walk into at least a supermajority of Senators willing to play very, very nice with him. He probably won’t get that in the House, but neither will Obama. And Obama will at laest face a mostly split Senate with Lieberman joining the Republicans on national security matters, including Guantanamo Bay.

From my point of view, our country is likely to be worse off under President McCain than it is President Obama.

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