Is John McCain Conservative? Show Me.

| May 14, 2008 | 9 Replies

A staffer on Capitol Hill wrote this today this to Kathryn Jean Lopez of NRO.

On the one hand, John McCain, who stands for smaller government and lower spending, is bemoaned as a non-conservative. On the other hand, House Republicans are chided for participating in a big spending farm bill boondoggle and not being conservative enough.

So let me get this straight…

One of the principal definitions of a conservative is that he believes in smaller government.

Yet John McCain is not a conservative.

Here’s my challenge to this Hill staffer: show me tangible evidence that John McCain believes in smaller government.

  • Show me where he has, just once in the past ten years, stood publicly against his friends on the left against their bloated budget proposals.
  • Show me where he has taken to task his friends Ted Kennedy, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Russ Feingold (a couple of whom have been co-sponsors on very public and very non-conservative bills) on their gigantic earmark requests.
  • Show me where he’s pressed the President to veto any spending bill because it was just too much then rallied enough support in the Senate to make the veto stick.
  • Show me where he’s led the charge to shrink any department in the Federal Government.

I am a conservative. I am willing to be won over by a conservative John McCain. You say he “believes in smaller government”. Show me the proof.

I’m waiting. All of us conservatives are waiting.

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