Why'd It Take So Long on Wright? Gosh, That's a Toughie!

| May 8, 2008 | 1 Reply

Today’s feature op-ed in the USA Today is asking why it took the MSM a whole year to report on Barack Obama’s racist anti-American friend Jeremiah Wright.

It’s really cute to see a journalist look at his fellow journalists with that gleam of idealism in his eye and ask, with a straight face, how they could be so biased. Alas, that idealistic gleam has blinded this earnest man from seeing the answer that was staring him in the face the whole column. The MSM is absolutely entranced with Barack Obama. They’re so far up his tailpipe that they could tell you what he ate for lunch yesterday without having been there. From Chris Matthews’ thrilled leg to the candid revelation that the MSM is in full-on dreamy crush mode with the Obamessiah, it’s obvious why Jeremiah Wright’s hate wasn’t an issue for a year.

In the end, the author, who is a journalism professor and a frequent contributor to the newspaper, kind of shrugs and shakes his head at the mysterious and unavoidable shame of it all. Too bad he couldn’t screw up enough courage to really answer his own question.

UPDATE: Karl, writing at protein wisdom, has a really good observation about the piece.

Campbell does say that “Obama has been ill-served by a press corps that seemingly was mesmerized by the large, frenzied crowds who turn out to see the Democratic rock star,” which partially embodies the problem — Campbell is looking at the failure of the press as not serving Obama well.

I’m not sure whether the fawning coverage of Obama is a case of dog wagging tail or tail wagging dog. Having read Karl’s take on the column, I’m not at all sure what Campbell was trying to say. Is he miffed that the media didn’t cover the story earlier, thus giving Obama more time to cover his tuckas before it blew up in his face? Is he saying that the MSM softpedaled the story which lulled Obama into beliving it was no big deal? I’m not really sure.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think that a general media bias is the culprit here. I think, and I tried to make it clear in my original post, that I believe that the MSM’s incredible infatuation with the Obamessiah is why they ignored the Wright story for so long. The Obama-love has gotten to the point where it’s almost embarassing to watch, kind of like Homer Simpson fawning over Arthur Fortune right in front of Mr. Burns.

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