Meet German Talis, Who Couldn't Even Beat Up a Girl in a Wheelchair

| April 24, 2008 | 78 Replies

If you happen to live in New York City, I’d like you to remember the name of German Talis. If you happen to run across him, be sure to greet him heartily, then slap him right upside his cowardly little head.

Mr. Talis decided that it would be a fine way to spend his Wednesday afternoon would be to go to heckle the First Lady and Jenna Bush while they talked to a small audience about the childrens’ book they have recently published. His obscenity-laden comments were interrupted by a man who was there with his wife and 18 year-old daughter who is a real fan of Laura Bush. The man, John Lovetro, told Talis to knock off the cursing and leave. Well, Talis responded with true leftist courage – by repeatedly punching Lovetro’s daughter in the back.

That would be his daughter who is in a wheelchair because she has cerebral palsy.

He kept assaulting her as her father tried to wheel her away by reaching past the father and punching the crippled young lady in the leg several times.

Because apparently, the courage to yell obscenities at the First Lady from a distance does not include quite enough guts to throw a punch at a grown man. It does, however, include going out of your way to assault a wheelchair bound girl.

The most embarrassing part of the story for him is that the girl wasn’t even really injured. The guy can’t punch hard enough to hurt a girl in a wheelchair? What a pussy.

So, my friends and readers in New York, if you happen to see Mr. Talis on the street or in a restaurant, do me a favor and make his life a living hell for a while, would you? If you happen to have a photo of Talis, send it to me and I’ll post it here so that we all know what a craven little leftist twit looks like. I want this guy embarrassed to show his face outside of his own apartment for a good long time.

I’m tired of the maniacs on the left throwing their asinine little tantrums that end up in people getting hurt and property getting busted up. They get a seemingly limitless set of passes for their behavior and I’m sick of it.

So, yeah. If you know or meet German Talis, call him out. Ask him why he chose to punch a little girl instead of the grown man that was right in front of him. Ask him if he’s capable of beating up anyone who isn’t actually crippled. Disparage his manhood. Ridicule him as loudly as reasonable, given where you are. And make sure his name gets attached to his sick little display for a very long time.

UPDATE: Thanks to Brainster in the comments, we know that German Talis, AKA “Gary”, is a member of a group called “We Are Change”, which is a 9/11 Truther group. The group has posted a video from the event, which doesn’t show the attack, but does show a really pathetic women giving her account of the events. Oddly enough, she doesn’t mention at all how “Gary” beat on a handicapped 18 year-old in a wheelchair. Of course her description of the events is correct and those of the girl’s father, mother, and the police who arrested German Talis isn’t.

These are Troofers, though. They wouldn’t know an accurate accounting of an event if it smacked them upside the head.

Which is what should be happening to German Talis right about now.

UPDATE 2: Ace-o-lanche! Lucianne Forum-lanche! Gateway-lanche! Anchoress-lanche! Welcome aboard everyone.

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