And in Seventh Grade, Junior will Learn How to Be a Bomber…FOR GREAT SOCIAL JUSTICE!

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Barack Obama’s semi-BFF William Ayers, who once blew up his girlfriend with his occasionally incompetent bomb-making skills, has been a busy little beaver over the years. Not content with being a killer himself, he’s spent his time worming his way into our public schools. Sol Stern, wrote a pretty detailed expose what I’d usually call leftist silliness, if it weren’t actually being published in textbooks and sold to educators as something to teach to our children. Stern has updated that 1996 article and does us all a good service by letting us know just what a Marxist, anti-American radical the Obamessiah has hitched himself to.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a section from a science textbook he edited called Teaching Science for Social Justice as quoted by Stern:

The marriages between capitalism and education and capitalism and science have created a foundation for science education that emphasizes corporate values at the expense of social justice and human dignity…Science pedagogy framed around social justice concerns can become a medium to transform individuals, schools, communities, the environment, and science itself, in ways that promote equity and social justice. Creating a science education that is transformative implies not only how science is a political activity but also the ways in which students might see and use science and science education in ways transformative of the institutional and interpersonal power structures that play a role in their lives.

Michelle Malkin call it “Reason number 999,999,967 to homeschool” and I have a tough time arguing that. Ayers, and those like him, have spent a couple decades inculcating teachers not in educational best practices or increasing expertise in the subjects they teach, but in leftist tripe like “social justice” and how necessary it is to make every child a radical activist.

I’d be curious to hear what Obama thinks of Ayers’ work. Thus far he’s been curiously mum on the entire subject of his killer friend.

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