Lie of the Month and the Missing Mission of Obama's Church

| March 16, 2008 | 27 Replies

Barack Obama’s church has told the Lie of the Month when it said that, “Trinity United Church of Christ’s ministry is inclusive and global.”

That, alone, would be bad enough, but the public statement from the church tells me a lot more about the church than Wright’s sermons ever could.

Here’s a paragraph from the church’s statement that interested me. Tell me if you notice anything missing:

The following ministries have been developed under Dr. Wright’s ministerial tutelage for social justice: assisted living facilities for senior citizens, day care for children, pastoral care and counseling, health care, ministries for persons living with HIV/AIDS, hospice training, prison ministry, scholarships for thousands of students to attend historically black colleges, youth ministries, tutorial and computer programs, a church library, domestic violence programs and scholarships and fellowships for women and men attending seminary.

You know what I don’t see there? I don’t see one single thing about winning people to Jesus. I don’t see anything there about preaching the Bible and leading people to the saving knowledge of Jesus’ immeasurable sacrifice for them. I see nothing there about salvation or atonement. I see nothing there that comes anywhere close to the Great Commission that Jesus Christ gave to all believers, everywhere.

Imagine that a white man, lost and needing Jesus’ redemption, came into that church on a day when Wright was accusing America of manufacturing the HIV or of earning the attacks of 9/11. Would that man have heard of his need for salvation? Would he have felt comfortable coming back? We all know he would not. Wright would have driven that man even farther away from God because he felt it better to push his own agenda than preach the Bible. I wonder how many thousands of people have come through his church without ever hearing of the great sacrifice Jesus made so that everyone, regardless of gender, color, social status, or nationality, could spend eternity in Heaven? I suspect the number will shame Wright if indeed it is important to him.

Now there is nothing wrong with a church reaching out to the community, providing aid and comfort to the afflicted as much as it possibly can. Every church should seek to do as much good in this world as possible. But all of those outreach missions are a distant second to the most important job a church has, that of preaching the saving gospel of the Bible. Any church that is performing that mission vigorously will be far too busy for its preacher to be spewing hate from the pulpit or to brag about its manifold good works on this earth.

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