The Rocker and the President

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Bob Geldof, the philanthropic rocker, wrote an interesting article for Time magazine. He accompanied President Bush on his tour of Africa and was able to spend a good amount of time with him. Geldof pulls few punches (as you might expect, they differ graetly on several issues, notable Iraq) and is a bit more disrespectful of a world leader than I think one should be but also has more good things to say about the President than you might expect. Geldof seems surprised that George Bush is not the slack-jawed monstrous yokel of MSM and leftist legend. He seems genuinely charmed by the President and impressed with his knowledge and wry sense of humor.

I think that what the President has done in Africa will be a larger part of his legacy than anything else he’s done in his time in the White House. Right now, the entire continent is in very real danger of depopulating itself within a couple generations. Corrupt tyrannies and all the problems they cause have exacerbated the omnipresent poverty and disease to the point where the people there have absolutely no hope of anything better. Ever. President Bush has begun to change that. The next President will need to continue what he is done to prevent Africa from sliding back into further ruin. It’s important that we do everything we can to prevent that from happening, not only because the Islamists are doing their damndest to make Africa their own but also because a healthy and prosperous Africa is an enormous economic boon to the entire world.

It’s also simply the right thing to do.

Take a few minutes and read the whole thing. I think you’ll find yourself considering the President differently than you did before.

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