Obama's NAFTA Denials Unravel.

| February 29, 2008 | Reply

Methinks the Obamessiah might be in for a bit of trouble. On Wednesday, CTV reported that Obama’s campaign had dropped a word in the ear of the Canadian Ambasador that all of the Senator’s bluster on NAFTA was exactly that. His campaign and the Canadian Embassy denied the story was true.

Today, CTV
has doubled down and named the Obama staffer who did the talking. His name is Austan Goolsbee and he’s just just some mook in the campaign. He’s one of the top economic advisers on the campaign. CTV has also reported that the story has multiple sources at the “highest level of the Canadian government” and that one of the sources who is highly-ranked in the Canadia Embassy provided CTV with a complete timeline of the events. CTV is basically saying that they’re willing to go to the mat on this one rather than let the Chosen One use them as a scapegoat for his own doubletalk.

If CTV is wrong, they could be in a world of legal trouble. That they’re jutting out their chin and essentially daring Obama’s campaign to deny the story more strongly tells me that they have the goods. Indeed, the campaign is being very noncommital about the denial.

It’d be nice to see Obama’s message of hope and change revealed for the cynical and totalitarian snake oil it really is.

(CTV Link via Hot Air)

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