The Racist Beam in the Left's Eye

| February 28, 2008 | 1 Reply

Attaturk, writing at Jane Hampsher’s blog, says that the right is being ever so racist towards the Obamessiah. He apparently reads the word “uppity” into nigh every criticism one could make of the left’s Anointed One. Of course, to do this, he has to invent a new definition for an old word, nudge you slyly, and wink a few times like he’s trying to sell you a watch from under his trenchcoat. I’ve seen better technique from used car salesmen.

I’d like to give him a more proper target for his self-righteousness by noting that only two years ago his boss decided to dress up Joe Lieberman in black face as he was running against Ned Lamont. That was an egregious injection of race into a contest where race was not even a point of discussion. Her disgusting comments and half-baked apology were also blatant and purposeful, as opposed to the undetectable to all but the most refined leftist nostrils whiff of racism Attaturk supposes exists here. Indeed, she has never shown a moment of remorse for her racist insult. Perhaps Attaturk can tackle the racist in his midst instead of playing Scooby Doo with a ghost of a racism that doesn’t exist.

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