The Romney CPAC Speech (UPDATE: Romney's Graceful Exit)

| February 7, 2008 | 2 Replies

I had planned on live-blogging Mitt Romney’s speech from CPAC but, since I’m not at home and C-SPAN’s feed is a humongous pile of horse leavings, I can’t.

Michelle Malkin is there, though and she’ll be live-blogging the speech. It’s likely to be a big one, since the word is that Romney’s going to pull the plug on his campaign today.

UPDATE: I found a good feed to see much of the speech, just in time to watch Romney shut down his campaign. He told the crowd that he believed the most important issue, by far, in this election is our war against the Islamists and that continuing his campaign to the convention would only help Clinton or Obama win the White House and promptly surrender. So he’s bowing out.

I don’t agree with his assessment and have outlined exactly why I believe he’s wrong, but there is no arguing that John McCain got a gift delvered with much more class than he deserved. There is no doubt that Romney didn’t not want to do what he did and that he earnestly believes he did the right, and very difficult, thing. Romney’s exit was graceful and heartfelt and it’s obvious to me that he understands conservatives and is as pained as we.

It’s a shame he has to give way to Johnny Mac and assume things about Hillary Clinton that are not, according to her record and the bulk of her campaign, true.

UPDATE 2: With video.

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