Karzai on America: "Its power is not diminished".

| January 31, 2008 | Reply

Jay Nordlinger, reporting from the World Economic Summit in Davos, had the opportunity to participate in an interview with Afghan president Hamid Karzai. Karzai is, to my mind, a brilliant and personable man doing very well in an exceedingly difficult job and I admire him for that.

Since it attracts the elites of Europe and the world MSM, the summit in Davos is pretty much a hotbed of smoldering anti-Americanism every year. This year is no exception. But watch how artfully Karzai tosses this question on its head and goes out of his way to praise our great nation.

A British journalist asks a question: “America’s power is waning, and no one is in charge in America. So where does that leave you?”

Karzai is somewhat nonplussed by this question (as you might imagine). He says that, without America, Afghanistan would still be occupied by al-Qaeda and other extremists. The Americans are “helping us,” says Karzai, with billions of dollars, and with troops. And the country is sending more troops. Karzai says that the “bulwark” in the effort for Afghanistan is America. And “its power is not diminished.”

Isn’t it peculiar that people like Hamid Karzai are more likely to praise America without hesitation or reservation than a good number of our own politicians? It’s long struck me so.

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