McCain and Free Speech – Two Things That Don't Live in the Same Room

| January 30, 2008 | Reply

When Jeff Goldstein lights into someone, you know it’s goign to be right on point. His hiding of John McCain and his less than firm grasp on the Constitution is a must-read.

When “progressive” Democrats attempt to affect such circumventions, of course — most often through the courts — we on the “conservative” side generally point out that they are trying to legislate from the bench; when a “conservative” or Republican does the same thing, however, the liberal press likes to paint him as a “uniter” — a Maverick who is willing to buck party wisdom and reach across the aisle in the name of change.

Nevermind that that “change” might be Constitutionally dubious, or that party wisdom (god forfend!) might actually (and accurately) reflect years of crafting policy positions and defending ideological principles by way of a collective give and take among the most prominent thinkers representing a particular political and ideological worldview. Because in today’s political ethos, none of that is as important as the change itself — much in the same way that for many so-called liberals, dissent, in and of itself, is a virtue, the Congressional Medal of Honor for civic patriotism, irrespective of the sheer idiocy of the content of that dissent, or even its sincerity.

And so a desire to see government “cleaned up” — to see “special interests” banished — has become a rallying cry for “change,” even without any substantial proof that the “problem” being addressed is anything other than a convenient fiction offered up by those whose natural proclivity it is to buck the status quo.

He then offers a current and perfect example of what McMaverick has wrought. Do read the whole thing.

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