Do You Know Dr. Juan Hernandez?

| January 25, 2008 | 11 Replies

If you’re not familiar with the name, let me introduce you. Dr. Fernandez holds dual citizenship in America and Mexico. Until just this year, he was a member of Vincente Fox’s cabinet in Mexico where he held the position of director of the Office for Mexicans Abroad. There’s only been one director – the entire office was abolished later and recreated as another office with a similar mission. But that cast Hernandez adrift and he seemed to catch on here in the states again well enough.

Hernandez believes that anyone of Mexican ancestry, even one who is an American citizen, is a Mexican and should “think ‘Mexican first'” and that no Mexican living in America should ever assimilate into America to become an American. He is a loud and bullying open borders advocate and now serves as John McCain’s Hispanic Outreach Director.

That would be the John McCain who says he’s seen the light on border security. Think he’s telling the truth? Let’s ask his Hispanic Outreach Director whether he’d work for a politician who intended on securing the borders before offering amnesty. What do you think his answer would be?

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin (Thank you for the link!) has plenty more background on Hernandez and raised the possibility of his holding a cabinet position in a McCain administration, possibly at the Department of Homeland Security.

That would be just peachy, huh? Do read the bit in Michelle’s post about how Hernandez told Congressman Tancredo that he considered the US and Mexico just a “region”. Yikes.

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