The MSM Quagmire – If It Ain't Happening, They'll Make It Up.

| December 15, 2007 | Reply

baghdadbob.jpgGateway Pundit has done yeoman’s work digging out the details of this story and if there’s any justice, it’ll get a lot of play throughout the blogosphere.

Here’s the upshot of the story. The MSM has reported six flat-out wrong stories from Iraq in the past six weeks. Every one of the stories was damaging to the United States and helpful to the Islamists. Every one of the stories was “bad news” in Iraq – the kind of stories that get splashed on the TV for a day or so then disappear after the damage to public opinion has already been done.

A friend of mine asked me recently why, if there were so many good things happening in Iraq, public opinion was still down so far. Well, it’s stories like these that have driven that. You have to really dig around to find any real good news out of Iraq. Indeed, as Gateway Pundit notes, one fake story crowded out a “good news” story where Coalition forces had handed a whole city over to Iraqi security forces with confidence not only from us and the Iraqis but also the people who lived there. It was one of those “good news” stories that go a long way toward proving that indeed there is great political progress being made in Iraq, that it was building from the bottom up as it should be, and that the confidence of the people in their own brand-new security forces are growing every day. In short, it was exactly the kind of story that the MSM absolutely could not report eagerly because it torpedoes the ongoing manufactured narrative we’ve heard consistently for the past year or more.

So…yeah. More fake news from the “professional” MSM. Nice, job, guys.

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