What Do I Know? My Judgement Can't Be Trusted.

| December 6, 2007 | 2 Replies

Looks like Hugh Hewitt had himself a nice, tall glass of Mitt Romney-brand Kool Aid.

Of course there are some nay-sayers. There always are. I don’t trust their judgment about the campaign at this point if they didn’t think the speech was at least very good. Getting too close to the campaigns or too inside-the-Beltway can blind some observers to what the average Republican thinks or how he or she responds.

I’m sorry. I’m not seeing it. If you read the speech, and I think you should, I believe you’ll find it very good indeed, but that’s only if you read it. I don’t see the “average Republican” who watched, or will watch, the speech getting quite as het up about it as Hewitt. Romney just wasn’t that good. He stumbled in his delivery a couple or three times. Some of the lines where he should have put on the Presidential mien he wants us to believe he has just fell flat. Yes, they resonate in the mind as you read them because, let’s face it, Romney knows his way around a turn of phrase better than most career politicians.

I saw the speech and, even though I very much liked what Romney had to say, I was entirely underwhelmed with how he said it. That makes his speech somewhat less than “very good”. From where I sit, Romney had a great opportunity to make himself look Presidential and he missed the mark. If that means that Hugh Hewitt must now and ever mistrust my judgment then, in the words of Mitt Romney, so be it.

UPDATE: Hewitt bolsters his sterling logic with the “Lots of Important People Agree with Me, so I Must be Objectively Right” maneuver first used by master logician Socrates. I would humbly remind Hewitt that it’s not wise to use the opinions of Many Important People to determine rightness. Many Important People thought that the Medicare Drug Plan was a great idea. Many Important People thought that Campaign Finance Reform was just fine, too. Many Important People can be completely wrong. Saying that they make you objectively correct doesn’t make it so. It tends to make you look defensive and petulant. Oh and the whole “if you disagree with me, you’re probably not a Republican anyhow” addendum won’t garner your man Romney any particular support from those who have yet to decide on a candidate.

Allah and Bryan at Hot Air
are apparently among the outcast from the Hewitt Love party, too.

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