What Does $31 Billion Buy Us? Border Guards Who Get Attacked Every Day.

| November 15, 2007 | 6 Replies

And Tom Tancredo’s the reactionary here, right?

Alien and drug smugglers along the U.S.-Mexico border have spawned a rise in violence against federal, state and local law enforcement authorities, who say they are outmanned and outgunned.

“They’ve got weapons, high-tech radios, computers, cell phones, Global Positioning Systems, spotters and can react faster than we are able to,” said Shawn P. Moran, a 10-year U.S. Border Patrol veteran who serves as vice president of the National Border Patrol Council Local 1613 in San Diego.

Apparently, our Border Patrol has very few of those things. That or they’re not allowed to deploy them in any meaningful way. Either one is absolutely unconscionable.

You may not want to close the border, but surely we can agree that we shouldn’t allow our Border Patrol agents to be attacked so often that they don’t even bother writing up full reports on the incidents. Surely.

Do read on. It gets better.

Here’s a great quote from DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff. And by “great” I mean, “something that makes my head explode”.

“We must provide the manpower and resources they need to carry out their duties, and we are working hard to make sure they get them,” Mr. Chertoff said during a speech in Houston this month

Why on God’s green Earth didn’t they have all of this already?

Last year, the DHS budget was $42.7 billion. Does Michael Chertoff expect me to believe that he couldn’t find a billion dollars to man and equip our Border Patrol sufficiently? What’s the holdup?

It sure as heck isn’t money. Since it was founded, we have given the DHS somewhere in the area of 221 billion dollars, or an average of about 31 billion dollars each year for the past six years. There is no excuse for not making sure that the Border Patrol has every single person and the equipment they need for them to do their job. No excuse at all. That the Border Patrol is under daily attack is simply intolerable. If Michael Chertoff allows it to happen one more day without serious and immediate action – and by that I mean stripping every stinking bureaucrat out of DHS to hire actual enforcement personnel to reinforce our besieged officers, then he is grossly incompetent and I want him fired. Tomorrow.

Think about that for a minute, folks. 31 billion dollars a year and we’re being attacked and out gunned by Mexican drug dealers and smugglers every single day. Do you doubt for even a femtosecond that some Islamist flush with some cash courtesy of Mad Mahmoud or one of the Saudi King’s madrassahs couldn’t buy his way over the border? How in the world could we ever catch them, what with our border guard having to keep their heads down all the time lest it be shot off? Doesn’t this fill you with even a tiny amount of anger that you money is being apparently frittered away while good men and women are risking their lives every single day in a desperate fight to keep you safe when you sleep at night?

What in the world are we doing?

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