Speaking Truth to Overweening Pride

| September 30, 2007 | Reply

“Sometimes”, says Mark Steyn, “it’s not about ‘freedom of speech,’ but about freedom.”

And that’s exactly right. Too much of the debate about Mad Mahmoud’s whirlwind tour of New York has centered around just how hard we can pat ourselves on the back for giving him a place to freely spew his propaganda. It’s been a frission-filled frenzy of self-congratulation and preening and plenty of “see what good people we are” happy talk.

As Steyn notes, once Mad Mahmoud left, folks like Lee Bollinger could puff their chests out a little and hang their press clippings on their fridges, secure in the knowledge that they’d “spoken truth to power” and earned themselves a little humanitarian cred. Meanwhile, Ahmadinejad went back to where he can freely kill gay people (Well, assuming he could find any) and young girls who object to being raped, and blowing up Iraqis and American soldiers.

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