Treason in the Guise of Ethics

| September 26, 2007 | Reply

Some days, the folks who roam the halls of academia trully beggar belief.

Lynne Stewart is a criminal who was disbarred for helping the Blind Sheikh Abdul Rahman pass messages to his terrorist associates. One might think that after her 28-month sentence was over, she’d fade into obscurity, shunned by folks who look poorly on traitors. If that’s what you thought, though, you’d be terribly wrong. Hofstra University has decided that Stewart would make a fine lecturer on legal ethics, since she’s defended “many unpopular clients”, where “unpopular” means “clients that beheaded, disemboweled, and otherwise murdered 62 people in Egypt in 1997″.

As James Taranto notes, Stewart is not at all sorry for the crime she committed. Apparently, it’s pretty okay for Hofstra to hold Stewart up as a champion of human rights when in reality she’s simply a dupe for a mass muderer and the mother of a defrauder. Perhaps they’ll ask her how she got so twisted up in her supposed ethics that she gladly hitched her wagon to a group of mass murderers and betrayed her fellow Americans.

I kind of doubt they will, though.

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