There is No Anti-Immigration Backlash. Stop Saying There Is.

| August 5, 2007 | Reply

One of the biggest problems with the illegal immigration debate is shoddy reporting by the MSM. This story is an excellent example.

(08-04) 04:00 PDT Washington — An anti-immigration backlash has taken hold among Republicans in the Capitol, led in some cases by the staunchest supporters – Sens. John McCain and Jon Kyl of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina – of the failed Senate bill derided by many as amnesty.

That paragraph is wrong. There is no “anti-immigration backlash” among Republicans, in Washington DC or anywhere else. There is an anti-illegal immigration backlash going on, but that’s an entirely different thing, now isn’t it?

It makes me angry to see something like this because it’s not a mistake. There is a discernible difference between people who oppose immigration and those who oppose illegal immigration. The reporter who wrote this article and her editors know that but decided to do it anyhow.

Why, do you think, would they be interested in describing an opinion held by most Americans as one held by only the most wild-eyed isolationists? It is no secret that most Americans want to see a real effort to secure our borders against the flood of people who break into the United States every year and steal from all of us. It’s no secret that most Americans want to see a major rebuild the current immigration system. We’d like to see the folks who have spent thousands of dollars and years of their lives on the waiting list to enter our country get a fair and timely shot at the same life we all enjoy. We’d like to see more people have the chance to enter in a legal and orderly manner so that we can welcome them into our communities as friends and neighbors, not as the criminals and interlopers they are now. We want immigration. We realize that we need robust and orderly immigration.

Painting us as “anti-immigrant” because we don’t want what our Congress is tryinng to shove down our throats is an insult and a lie. Shame on the Chronicle for trying to deceive us.

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