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| July 30, 2007 | Reply

The folks at Wonkette are low-class asses.

What? That didn’t surprise you? Then it’s probably not much of a shock either that they wished for the death of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court today either.

It wasn’t to me either. It’s the left. It’s what they do.

UPDATE (July 31, 2155 hours): If only they had stopped there. Yesterday Ken Layne was cracking wishbones and looking for the first star of the night so he could call down some fairy juju on John Roberts. Today, he’s painting Pat Tillman as an “anti-war critic” and claiming he was assassinated.

Did I call the Wonkette folks “low-class asses”? If not for my own policy of not uncorking a flurry of curse words so foul they’d make Larry Flynt blush and lack of a ready thesaurus to look up synonyms for “lamebrain” and “unhinged”, I’d call them worse.

Ace is the place for the best quote about the mindset of today’s leftists. From commenter Trimegistus:

This is truly obscene. For years now the Lefties have been insulting Pat Tillman in the most poisonous ways possible — just look at some of Ted Rall’s syphilitic scrawlings for examples.

But now — now they’ve seized upon his corpse and are waving it about in their filthy hands like a rag doll, in order to blacken the name of the Army he was proud to serve in.

Same old leftists. Same old spitting on the troops.

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