Sending a Message in Britain

| June 30, 2007 | 1 Reply

It looks like the Islamists have tried it again:

Passengers were evacuated from Glasgow Airport and flights have suspended after a blazing car crashed into the departures terminal building around 3.15pm today.

The incident occurred just a day after a car bomb attack on central London was foiled, however, a police spokeswoman said it was too early to say whether the latest incident was terrorist related.

Witnesses said a blazing Cherokee jeep containing two Asian-looking men crashed into the doors of the terminal building.

I’ve been watching Fox News’ coverage of the incident. They’ve been patching over to their UK sister network Sky News, which has reported that apparently the vehicle had some fuel canisters in it and one of the men from the vehicle was trying to involve the car in a greater blaze with them.

There’s no way that you can seriously tell me that this attack and the aborted car bombings yesterday are coincidental. As one of Fox’s commentators said “Four people just don’t wake up one morning and say ‘Hey. Let’s go bomb Piccadilly Circus'”. This has all the hallmarks of a terror cell activation. If I had to bet money on what happened, I’d bet pretty confidently that there’s a certain group of Islamists who want to send a very clear message to new British PM Gordon Brown. The car bombs in London could have, as the folks at Wired have been blogging, killed hundreds or more.

It’s especially interesting that these attacks would come so quickly after the Labour party’s new deputy leader kind of said that Brown and Britain should apologize for the Iraq War. It seems to illustrate what most already know is true: backing down and showing your belly to the Islamists only earns you more hatred and more attacks. Hopefully, Mr. Brown will remember that fact and let it influence his foreign policy going forward.

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