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I upgraded to the new version of WordPress and I’ve not been able to see the blog ever since. I’m not sure where the problem lies. I’ve put a note on the WordPress support forums but, thus far, the only help I’ve gotten is a “RTFM” note from a moderator. Hopefully, someone will come along and help out.

Back in Business UPDATE: Okay, here’s what happened.

I tried to upgrade to WordPress 2.2. I’m a novice when it comes to stuff like this, but I followed the instructions and took my time. An hour later, the update was complete but there was no blog. Nothing. Just a blank web page.

Obviously this was no good, so I poked around on the WordPress site for an answer. Nothing there. I hit their forums and basically got a terse and kind of insulting suggestion to read the same pages I had already been reading for a couple hours.

So I decided on action. As it happens, action was probably not the best thing. I dumped my entire public folder (the folder that holds all the stuff you see when you hit the site), uploaded the old stuff I had backed up, and started all over again. That’s when I got the dreaded “Forbidden” message that suek and Cassandra saw (And thank you, ladies, for the welcome back!).

At that point I was out of answers. I had tried to e-mail my hosting company for a bit of guidance, but heard nothing and wasn’t sure when I would. We hadn’t been in contact for quite a while anyhow.

So I decided on a change. I has been giving serious thought to moving to another hosting company and this gave me the impetus to do it. Through my friend Gennie, I had been introduced to her company Silver Logic. I know they do good work there and stay on top of problems their customers have. I contacted them and got a pretty quick answer from Riika, one of the Silver Logicians. Within a couple of days had figured out what plan I wanted, she had poked around my blog files and deemed the problem fixed. It cost me very little money or time
and dealing with Riika was an unexpected delight.

So that’s the story in a moderately-sized nutshell. The Shack is back (though expect to see more changes as I get more comfortable with the ways of Theming) and I have a nimble hosting company that’ll keep me up and running even if more than a dozen folks decide to read me every day.

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