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Harry Reid is an embarassment.

It boggles my mind how Reid could turn so quickly on General Petraeus after voting for him barely six months ago.

Of course, this is the same dim bulb who said that he wouldn’t believe what the General said about Iraq when Petraeus came to Washington last May. That is, of course, because Harry Freaking Reid knows better what’s going on in Iraq than the General who is actually there every day.

There really doesn’t seem to be any level of idiocy to which Harry Reid will not sink in pursuit of a few shiny political baubles. The man needs to be replaced with something at least marginally more intelligent than he.

I suggest one of these.

UPDATE: Seems some of the lefty bloggers who were part of that telephone call have, shall we say, Scooter Libby memories of the event.

See, there was some buzz that Reid didn’t actually say what he said. He’s since confirmed that he’s a complete dunderhead, but that leaves some of his invited nutroots folks in a bit of a lurch.

We asked Joan McCarter, who blogs at DailyKos under the name McJoan and wrote about being on the call here, if she recalled Reid calling Pace “incompetent.”

“I don’t remember him saying anything like that,” she answered. “I can’t swear he didn’t say it. But I have no memory that he actually did. It’s not in my notes.”

Asked if Reid had disparaged Petraeus at all, McCarter said: “No. He said something about [Petraeus] coming back in September to deliver a report.” But on the question of whether he’d said something disparaging, McCarter said: “Not that I recall, no.”

“I don’t even recall Pace’s name specifically being mentioned,” adds Barbara Morrill, who blogs at Kos under the name BarbinMD and says she was on the call. “If it was, he did not say that he was incompetent.”

Asked if he’d criticized Petraeus, Morrill said: “Not that I recall. I checked my notes,” and there was nothing like this. “He mentioned the report that Petraeus is supposed to be coming out in September. I only recall him saying something along the lines that the Bush administration had run the war poorly. Any criticisms were against the Bush administration.”

Finally, here’s what MyDD’s Jonathan Singer, who wrote about the call here, told us: “I don’t remember him calling Pace incompetent.” He added that while he couldn’t promise that he hadn’t done it, “I just don’t recall those statements.”

Now, I’m not saying that McCarter, Singer, and Morrill are dirty stinking liars. It’s very possible that they didn’t remember Harry Reid making a spcifically anti-war statement about the two generals who are running the war that McCarter, Singer, And Morrill despise with all their being. It’s conceivable that they didn’t even make a note of anythign remotely like it in their notes at all. It’s entirely within the realm of possibility that they missed this juicy exclusive nugget throw right at their feet.

I mean, an attack dog won’t always snarf down the raw steak you throw right in front of him.

So, there’s a chance they’re not lying through their teeth here. I’m willing to believe that memories of a significant event to which they were invited specifically to provide blog content to support the guy who invited them that happened less than a week before just evaporated like the morning dew in August.

It’s possible. It’s just not very bloody likely.

(via Instapundit who says, “Call Patrick Fitzgerald!”)

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