Break Out the Party Horns!

| May 31, 2007 | Reply

Someone needs to call Al Gore and let him know that his miraculous presence has whipped global warming!

That’ll all but confirm his position as Modern Day Messiah, but heck, if it’ll shut up the private jet-taking, limo-riding, concert-promoting, ginormous mansion-building hypocrites, it’ll be well worth it. I can live with one man who has a Messiah complex. I can’t deal with his Hollywood Disciples another day.

UPDATE: Okay, before all you Goresciples show up and scream, in scary unison, “YOU CAN’T CLAIM GLOBAL WARMING IS OVER BASED ON A FEW SCATTERED INSTANCES! THAT’S JUST WEATHER!”, let me say this.

Calm down.

I know that isolated incidents of aberrant weather are not indications of a global phenomenon. Problem is, Al Gore does exactly the same thing in his movie and his lectures. hence the scary photos of Mount Kilamanjaro, his invoking Hurricane Katrina, and so on.

If he can do it, by jiminy, so can I.

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