Sharia Law Claims Another Country

| May 30, 2007 | 4 Replies

If there are any women’s rights or human rights groups looking for a cause to take up, I could suggest one.

PUTRAJAYA, Malaysia (Reuters) – Malaysia’s best known Christian convert, Lina Joy, lost a six-year battle on Wednesday to have the word “Islam” removed from her identity card, after the country’s highest court rejected the change.

The ruling threatens to further polarize Malaysian society between non-Muslims who feel that their constitutional right to religious freedom is being eroded, and Muslims who believe that civil courts have no right to meddle in Islamic affairs.

“You can’t at whim and fancy convert from one religion to another,” Federal Court Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim said in delivering judgment in the case, which has stirred religious tensions in the mainly Muslim nation.

He said the civil court had no jurisdiction in the case and that it should be dealt with by the country’s Islamic courts.

“The issue of apostasy is related to Islamic law, so it’s under the sharia court. The civil court cannot intervene.”

Essentially, the Malay court voided the country’s Constitution so far as every Muslim in that country is concerned. There are plenty of Muslims who have no desire to live under the repression of Sharia law and they have the right not to do so.

Then again, we here in the West seem too timid to point this out lest we find ourselves getting blown to smithereens by Islamists who believe (to mangle a Jefferson quote co-opted by the Islamist-appeasing left) that dissent is the highest form of apostasy. Under sane circumstances, we would have heard of Lina Joy from groups like NOW and Amnesty International long before now. She might well have become the poster woman for freeing millions of women from the deadly yoke of Sharia.

But these aren’t saner times.

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