Russia Builds a New Missile, For Us!

| May 30, 2007 | Reply

Apparently, our dear allies in Russia are are openly treating us as military foes. They are rolling out a brand-new ICBM that can, they say, get through any missile defense system. They’re not even particularly being coy about whose missile defense system these missiles could penetrate (even though there’s only one country even remotely close to having such a thing). They’re pretty much slapping their enlarged ballistic missiles on the table and naming us as the bad guys here.

Russia’s been moving back to totalitarianism for at least a decade (or, starting whenever Vladimir Putin took office. You pick) and this new announcement looks just like the old Soviet Union, less a few satellite states who have decided that they like freedom more than the Russian boot on their necks.

Come to think of it, that’s probably why Russia is so miffed. It cannot sit well to watch your former slaves prosper, even a little, while your country slowly becomes poorer, older, and more corrupt. Much better to have someone to whip when things are bad than try to lift yourself out of the hole you’ve dug. When more Eastern European nations get missile defense systems up and running, it’ll be that much more difficult for Russia to bully them. They need those missiles to project their power because they have nothing else.

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