Never Vote for Someone Crazier than You

| May 30, 2007 | 1 Reply

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re flat-out bugnuts, here’s a little quiz.

Do you feel that the anti-war left Democrats in Congress, who have no problems engaging in long idelogical make-out sessions with Michael Moore, aren’t quite as strident as they ought to be?

If you answered “yes”, then congratulations! You’re as looney as infamous cop-puncher and anti-Semite Cynthia McKinney!

And, you’re in luck! Ms. McKinney is pondering a run for President in 2008 on the Green Party ticket, so you’ll have someone to vote for in a way that doesn’t actually interfere with the grown-up voters who’ll be electing a President who at least can claim to spend most of their time as a resident of the Planet Earth.

Don’t say that God never does anything for you guys.

The truly amusing part of the story is that one of McKinney’s main problems is that no Democrats are trying to impeach the President. I wonder if she realizes that in 2009 she wouldn’t be able to impeach him either. Somehow I don’t think she does.

UPDATE: Thanks to The Fishwrap and RealClearPolitics for the links! You guys might drive me to the dizzying heights of 200 hits today! As long as you’re here, you might also be interested in knowing that the MSM still thinks we need to know that Mitt Romney is Mormon and that he got some “criticism” in New Hampshire. There is a bit about some Dissenting Patriots giving the business to Al Gore, Hugo Chavez giving the business to free speech, and Islamists (with an assist from the Malay Supreme Court) giving the business to Malaysia. Feel free to come back anytime.

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