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I owe everyone a ton of Watcher’s Council posts, so here they are. There are a lot of them and there’s a lot of gold here and very little dross. Enjoy!

Here are the full results of the January 19th contest.

Council link
MLK Day — A Singular

Rhymes With Right
The Beauty of

Andrew Olmsted
Bush Speaks… and Belittles Us All
Why It Could Work

Done With Mirrors
A New Standard for Political Hideousness
Eternity Road
Running Out the Clock
Glittering Eye
James Traub Has a Semite Problem
Soccer Dad
Is Oprah

The Colossus of Rhodey
Federally-Mandated Cheerleading: EduCracy Run Amok?
The Education Wonks
Non-council link
A Framework for Thinking About Iraq Strategy
Small Wars Journal
AP: Discrediting Jamil’s Sources
Confederate Yankee
IRS Agents, May Every One of Them Burn in

Dispatches from TJICistan
No Word For

Classical Values
War? — What War?
Works and Days
“I Said Oh Oh Domino”
Maryland Conservatarian
Foreign Policy Last Week
Oliver Kamm
Gordon Browned Off
Crime in the UK Versus Crime in the US
TFS Magnum

And the best of the January 26th posts.

Council link
On the Possibility of an Embargo of Iranian Oil
American Future
Teacher Merit

The Colossus of Rhodey

Done With Mirrors
‘Moderate’ Abbas: “Aim the Guns Against Israel!”
A Mandatory Disaggregation
Eternity Road
Too Much Munich?
Soccer Dad
D’Souza and the Illiberality of Criticism
Right Wing Nut
Non-council link
“Because the Language They Use Is Killing”
INDC Journal
The Blitzing of Haret

Michael J. Totten
Make the Child Pay
Baytown Bert’s Blog — The Way I See It
To the Shores of Tripoli
The Belmont Club

And finally, here is the cream of the crop from the

A belated post for the February 2nd contest.

Council link
9/11: Just a Real Bad Day
Right Wing Nut House
They’ve Finally Admitted It
Bookworm Room
Non-council link
New Trend on the Rise: The Patriotic Terrorist
The Huffington Post
Self Delusion and Emboldening the Enemy
Dr. Sanity

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