Watcher's Council Winners!

| January 30, 2007 | Reply

It’s time for some more Watcher’s Council posting action!

So here are the best of the best from the week of January 5th.

Council link
Religion and Politics: Intolerance Is Growing
Right Wing Nut House
The Mysterious Mr. Ritter
American Future
You Keep Using That

Andrew Olmsted
Hidden Truth About Arafat Revealed
Rhymes With Right
Nuremburg 2006?
Eternity Road
Soccer Dad
Non-council link
The Blogosphere at War
The Belmont Club
The State of the Jihad
The Fourth Rail
Some of the Things I Believe, But Cannot Prove: Regarding Risk
CP Snow’s Two Cultures Today
Assistant Village Idiot
My First Encounter With the Beast
Breath of the Beast

And here is the cream of the crop from the week of January 12th.

Why Is There Still a CIA?
Done With Mirrors
American Fascists
The Colossus of Rhodey
Weekend Monkey: Let’s Play ‘You’re the Qadi!’
Non-council link
A Strategy for the Long War


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