The Missile Program Proceeds Apace

| January 30, 2007 | Reply

This is certainly good news.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Within a year, the U.S. missile defense system should be able to guard against enemy attacks, while testing new technologies, the deputy director of the U.S. Missile Defense Agency said on Monday.

He also said that there wouldn’t be a firm date given for when the system would be operational but that its operational status is a matter of “maturation”.

That’s very good news. It means that we don’t need to make any big technological breakthroughs to make the system work fully. I’m quite sure that there are still bugs in the system and technology that needs to improve before it is what it shold be, but that’s part of the “maturation” process. As it stands right now, the system will work in a year.

Not too shabby.

The other good thing about that statement is that there’s at least one government official who is capable of keeping his big yap shut about a classified program whose operational status would be a big deal to both our enemies and our supposed allies. Given that classified information in the past six years seems to be as easy to get as the clap in a Baltimore strip club, it’s pretty refreshing to see someone in government who has some mind toward piddly little things like national security and the demands of holding a security clearance.

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