It's Like That Saying About Lying Down with Dogs…

| January 30, 2007 | Reply

Pity Rod Dreher who, having found himself foursquare against our being in Iraq, doesn’t much like the company.

Let’s say you and your comrades were putting together big demonstration in Washington against the war, with the idea of getting US troops out of Iraq. If you really wanted to change minds and hearts, and build mass momentum toward ending the war, would you select as the featured speakers at that demonstration people like Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, Susan Sarandon, Dennis Kucinich and JANE FREAKING FONDA?!? My guess is that these people set back the antiwar movement, such as it is, by trotting out the loony-lefties, thereby frightening the moderate to conservative people who have grave doubts about the war.

Dreher assumes that the point of the anti-war rally was to actually change people’s minds instead of, say, ranting against the United States and all her perceived sins. That seems awful naive to me, surprisingly so since Dreher has never seemed to lack a certain amont of insight. Having a showing of the “antiwar movement” without hauling out a bunch of “loony-lefties” is like having a gun-rights rally without having a bunch of gun owners featured prominently. Sure, you’d have your movement, but you could fit it inside a VW bug pretty comfortably. I don’t think that “easily carried in a Mini Cooper” is high on Dreher’s list of Preferred Things a Movement Should Be. If he wants a big anti-war rally, he’s going to have to do it with plenty of shrill leftists.

Still, having chosen his side on the issue, he doesn’t have much standing to complain when all the usual suspects show up and say all the usual things in all the usual ways. It’s like snugging up to the trough then complaining about how there are all these pigs around you and there’s nothing but slop to eat.

Want to know how to avoid an anti-war protest that features Jesse Jackson, Susan Sarandon, and the rest? Don’t go to one organized by these guys. Do something more productive than standing outside listening to speeches made by people whose make a lot of money off of telling us in excruciating detail how bad our country is.

Just a thought.

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