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If you missed this year’s SotU Address, you can find the text here.

I got to hear most of it, thanks to getting out of my choral rehearsal early tonight, and I admit, it was better than I had thought it would be. The President seemed surprisingly at ease and, in more places than I expected, surprisingly conservative.

His specific naming of Syria and Iran as the chief troublemakers in Iraq and Lebanon has been long overdue. I’d rather hear more of that, with as many details as he and his people can give, as often as they can give them.

I like where the President wants to go on energy independence. I don’t believe that we can ever truly be free of oil, but I certainly believe it’s possible to reduce our dependence on oil from the tyrant nations of the Middle East. I’m not entirely sold on ethanol as the Big Solution nor do I think that solar or wind are going to help a whole lot either. But they do have their applications and we ought to be putting them to use wherever we can find good places to do so. Any step that gets us any part of the way there is a good one.

I’m still annoyed at the President’s firm belief that the job of government is to make our lives easier. Tomorrow, when I’ve had more time to digest the speech, I’ll pull the actual quote, but the gist was that it was the job of our government officials to make our lives better. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is, now and always, my job to make my life easier. All I require of the government is that it gets the heck out of my way while I’m doing that. But this isn’t new. It’s the biggest part of why I didn’t vote for George Bush in 2000. There is no place in our government for “compassionate conservativism”. All that means is using the ginormous, clumsy, wasteful government to do “conservative” things. If it’s wrong to do that in the service of liberal aims, it’s wrong to do it otherwise.

I wonder how many times in the past a US President had to practically beg Congress to support any sort of military offensive against our enemies. Tonight may well be a first. Still, the President was strong in his position as Commander-in-Chief, as he ought to be. More results like we’ve been seeing in the past two weeks will go a long way toward shutting up the blowers of hot air in Congress. I hope that day comes soon.

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