Sundry Samples: Free-ish Speech

| October 5, 2006 | Reply

A couple quick hits from the guys who apparetnly really like Free Speech, at least until it becomes speech they don’t like.

1) Donald Sensing gives us the details on barring the Confederate battle flag from a historical commemoration. Read it for no other reason than to enjoyh Sensing’s take on establishing “free speech zones”.

2) Columbia University’s students seems to have the idea that if you don’t like certain speech, you’re allowed to give the speaker some good old-fashioned mob justice and all will be well again. No word on whether the folks who run Columbia will take any action against the students for their crimes, which were caught on tape.

Meanwhile, in semi-related news, England has made it okay to not only be proud of your racism but to use it as an excuse to get out of a job posting you don’t like. Well, let me correct that. It’s not just any racism that’s okay. It’s that special breed of anti-Semitism practiced by Muslims that says it’s perfectly okay for a police officer to demand that he not have to protect Jews.

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