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Some of you might remember that I wrote a few days ago about a bill that’s been held up in the Senate. The bil, which would open the budget process to a level of public scrutiny nearly unprecedented in the modern day, has been held up because one Senator placed an anonymous “hold” on it. That “hold” has prevented the bill from reaching the floor for debate or vote. Basically, one Senator has decided that it would be a terrible idea for this bill to even see the light of day.

I wrote, in that original post, that Senator Frist faced a test of leadership in dealing with this situation. He should have, in my opinion, either gotten the hold lifted by the Senator in question or simple outed him or her. He did neithre and it was left to the blogosphere to find the pork-loving Senator.

And now we know. Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, staunch supporter of the mind-boggling “Bridge to Nowhere” is the Senator in question, and you’re going to love the reason his office gave for the hold.

Aaron Saunders, spokesperson for Stevens, said [Sen. Tom] Coburn was informed two weeks ago that his [Saunders] boss had concerns about the bill. Namely, Stevens is concerned that the bill would create more bureaucracy. He wants to see a cost-benefit analysis.

Got that. The man who bitterly defended spending 320 million of your dollars on a bridge that would have gone to an island populated by less than 50 people is suddenly concerned about how much a bill might cost.

Done laughing yet?

I’m not, because Ted Stevens is one of 100 people who decide how your money is spent and his state has seen fit to send him to the Senate for the past 37 years. Did you know that Stevens is also President Pro Tempore of the Senate, which puts him third in the line of Presidential succession and, more crucially, makes him an important leader of the Republican Party. He’s also the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, which oversees, among other things, interstate commerce.

In other words, Ted Stevens, who doesn’t believe there should even be a discussion about whether or not you should see who proposes what Federal spending, has an enormous amount of control over a ginormous amount of our money.

He shouldn’t be. For this, we should demand that he be turned out of office by the people of Alaska and rebuffed strongly by any national politician who holds even slightly to the principle of responsible government spending – all three or four of them

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