Remember the Soldiers?

| August 28, 2006 | Reply

There’s a brand-new shiny cease-fire in place in Lebanon and the MSM has gone on to breathlessly report other stories. Sure, Hezbollah has ben violating the cease-fire since the day it was signed. Sure, lebanon has said that it will not enforce a key provision of the cease-fire. Sure, France has said that it won’t act against Hezbollah should it violate the cease-fire in front of its troops. But hey, a piece of paper has been signed and now Kofi Annan can go back to whatever it is he gets paid a princely sum of money to do.

Meanwhile, the three Israeli soldiers that Hezbollah kidnapped – the reason that Israel started shooting at Hezbollah in the first place – are still unaccounted for. No one besides the kidnappers and their paymasters know the whereabouts or the condition of the three men.

And very few people care.

Two of the people who do care are Judea and Ruth Pearl whose son, Daniel, was kidnapped by Muslim terrorists who later slit his throat and dumped his body into a ditch. The Pearls have written an op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal asking for Kofi Annan to, for once in his diplomatic life, step up and be bold in demanding the release of the Israeli soldiers.

I do not expect that he will. His cowardice is now legendary; his love for the status-quo no matter how much rot and evil it covers is well-established. I can not imagine that he will exert himself at all to have these men released, safe, to their families. BUt I commend the Pearls for remembering them, and for pressing Annan publicly to act.

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