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| July 11, 2006 | Reply

And, before I go away and leave things to Miss C, how about some Watcher’s Council posts?

Here are the results of the June 30th contest:

Among the Council posts, the prime cuts were:

  1. The Dance of Escalation and Retraction by ShrinkWrapped
  2. How Do You Solve A Problem Like…Korea? by The Glittering Eye
  3. Sanction of the Victim by Dr. Sanity

Among the non-Council posts, your best of the best were:

  1. It’s an Islamic Jihad, Stupid by
  2. Peter, Paul, and Ingrate by Florida Cracker
  3. Why We Shouldn’t Prosecute the Reporters and Editors of the L.A. Times and New York Times — Just Yet by Patterico’s Pontifications

And how about these excellent pieces from the July 7th tilt?

The best of the best last week was Gates of Vienna’s missive about our allies across the pond, “Wild, Wild, West(ern Europe)”.

James Joyner’s look at what might have been had there been an internet in 1776, “The Declaration of Independence: A Fisking” won among the non-Council entries. He squeaked out Jeff Harrell’s lament on the political tone of the day, “Sometimes Even the Good Ones Lose Their Way” on a tiebreaking vote by the Watcher himself.

Be sure to keep an eye on the Watcher’s Council (links to the right) each week I’m away. Your reading will be rewarded.

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