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How about a whopping plate of Watcher’s Council action to fill you up? There is a lot of good writing behind these links. Take your time, read your fill, and enjoy!

Here are the May 12th winners:

Council link
White House Rules
Done With Mirrors
CDS — Christianity Derangement Syndrome
Dr. Sanity
The Intellectual Dishonesty of the Open Borders Crowd
Right Wing Nut House
Are the Kurds a Steam Valve?
Gates of Vienna
Ahmadinejad’s Letter… a Call to Da’wa
The Paper of Broken Record
New World Man
Annotations on the Cole Kerfuffle
The Glittering Eye
The Singularity & the 12th Imam: Part IV
Non-council link
Republicans and the Flight of Opportunity
Cato Unbound
Recalling the Twelfth Imam
Confederate Yankee
The War We Are Fighting Needs a More Accurate Name
Captured AQ Documents: "Every Year Is Worse Than the Previous Year"
Captain’s Quarters
Fisking the Islamophobes
Dean’s World
"I Was Nowhere Near There."
Maggie’s Farm
Paul Krugman, Waiting To Meet Adam Smith
U.S. Tipping Mexico to Minuteman Patrols
Stop the ACLU
Dev and the Hangman
Eamonn Fitzgerald’s Rainy Day

Here are the May 19th winners:

Council link
Public Virtue
Done With Mirrors
Conservative Fatigue Syndrome
Take Off The 9/11 Tinfoil Hats
Right Wing Nut House
Daniel Wultz Is Coming Home
Non-council link
You Dissin’ My God!
Vox Poplar Is Right About Everything & Don’t You
Forget It!
Kennedy’s "Stigma" Is Limbaugh’s "Crime"
Don Surber
Negotiating with Iran: Who’s the Real Enemy?
Blog Meltdowns, Egos and Echo Chambers
The Anchoress

Last, but far from least, the winners from May 26th:

Council link
Let Us Make Them All Welcome
Gates of Vienna
Assessing the Threat At Our Southern Border
The Glittering Eye
Non-council link
The Essential President Bush
The Anchoress
SC&A Vent
Sigmund, Carl & Alfred

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