Clinton: Not a Liberal?

| May 30, 2006 | Reply

This is just funny to me, though it probably shouldn’t be.

The Washington Post actually spent time and money and a reporter who had some journalistic pride before today to try to convince us that Senator Hillary Clinton’s politics aren’t liberal. Coming tomorrow, a hard-hitting article that suggest that water isn’t quite as wet as we think it’s been all our lives. After that, the myth of the heliocentric solar system!

Pull the other one, as Terry Pratchett says. It has bells on.

What interests me most about the article is that most of the convincing has to come from what the Senator says, or what people or polls say about her, instead of what she’s actually done. In other words, she quacks like a centrist, but she swims like a liberal and it’s her quacking that the Post really wants us to pay attention to, not all those other things that tells us that she’s not really a centrist duck at all.

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