Okay, Hollywood. Get Into The War.

| May 7, 2006 | 60 Replies

Author Andrew Klavin addresses an issue That I’ve wondered about for at least the past three years: why no war movies?

We need some films celebrating the war against Islamo-fascism in Afghanistan and Iraq — and in Iran as well, if and when that becomes necessary. We need films like those that were made during World War II, films such as 1943’s “Sahara” and “Action in the North Atlantic,” or “The Fighting Seabees” and “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo,” which were released in 1944.

Not all of these were great films, or even good ones, but their patriotic tributes to our fighting forces inspired the nation.

More than that, they reminded the country what exactly it was that those forces were fighting to defend. Though many of these pictures now seem almost hilariously free with racist tirades against “sauerkrauts,” and “eyeties” and “Tojo and his bug-eyed monkeys,” they were also carefully constructed to display American life at its open-minded and inclusive best.

Klavin notes, though, that there have been war movies lately, just not the war movies we’d recognize.

Since the ’60s, we have had, it seems, an endless string of war movies, from “Dr. Strangelove” to “Syriana,” in which the United States is depicted as wildly aggressive and endlessly corrupt — which, in fact, it’s not; which, in fact, it never has been.

Yes, sometimes the world is very complex and it’s most complex, it seems, when it comes to issues of morality and war. What is not complex is that when you get right down the the very core of things today, we are fighting a war against an enemy that declared it on us, that will use every possible weapon in its arsenal to defeat us, and is fighting us as fiercely as any enemy this nation has ever had.

It’s high time that Hollywood show us some heroes again. It doesn’t matter whether they believe they are heroes or not. In fact, I’m fairly sure that we will have to drag the movie industry kicking and screaming toward this. But we should because, folks, we need to see some heroes in thie war or it’s a distinct possibility that we will lose it entirely.

(h/t: Warren Bell at The Corner)

UPDATE: Welcome back readers of the Daou Report! I think it’s kind of cool that I get more consistently linked by a prominent site on the left than I do by any other prominent sites on the right. Must be something there worth reading. Thanks, guys.

One note. We’re not going to do the Talking Points thing. Comments here ought to be germane and at least generally thoughtful. If you read from the “Bush Lied” script, you’re going to get ignored in quick fashion and there’s a chance I’ll just deep six the comment because I don’t feel like debunking the cliches for the ten thousandth time.

Also a reading suggestion. While Hollywood doesn’t seem to be willing to put out movies where our soldiers are the heroes, the Islamists don’t seem to have a problem at all with it. They manage to save lots of money by not bothering with CGI or visual effects to simulate cuting off a woman’s head. They just cut off a woman’s head.

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