Thoughts About Illegal Immigration.

| May 2, 2006 | 1 Reply

A lot of folks are throwing plenty of words (and some pretty damning pictures) at yesterday’s May Day marches.

I’ve said a fair piece about illegal immigration and the obvious problems it causes and, of course, the pundits and bloggers are saying about everything you can say, in as many different ways you can imagine. So I’m not going to say anyting new, or even anything much.

I just want to throw out a few small facts and questions for consideration.

1) Illegal immigrants are, whatever else they might be and regardless of how good they might be in hundreds of other ways, serial lawbreakers.

2) What sort of message does it send for our lawmakers and law enforcement officials to say that we will not enforce this very visible law yet we are more than willing to enforce hundreds, if not thousands of others that do not seem to directly benefit one ethnic group/voting block.

3) Those who support illegal immigration right now actually support paying millions of people below the minimum wage. These are the same people, in most cases, who want to see the minimum wage raised.

4) What might happen to the economy if, suddenly, 11 million people dropped onto the legitimate job market? What would that do to wages overall? To consumer prices? To unemployment?

5) Is it really a given that we couldn’t deport a substantial portion of the illegal immigrants in the country right now?

6) What answer would you give to a legal immigrant who has spent years working toward what many of our lawmakers want to give illegal immigrants instantly? Do you know how many of those legal immigrants exist?

7) How much of the current drive to legalize the illegal immigrants is well-meant and how much of it is driven by the Mexican nationalist movement and/or international socialist organizations such as ANSWER?

8) What do you thik about the government of a foreign nation meddling in the internal affairs of this one, to the point of threats and physical ocnfrontations between members of its army and US law enforcement officials?

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