Nighty-Night, Part II

| April 25, 2006 | Reply

I have the feeling that Matthew Yglesias will, if he’s smart, be revising these comments fairly soon.

Jonah’s readers also want to make a big deal out of the fact that Sabri apparently did say that Iraq had stocks of chemical weapons. Thus, in a semantic sense, Sabri’s account supported the contention that Iraq “had WMD programs.” But, of course, as has always been the case, chemical weapons are a red herring here. They don’t cause “mass destruction” and are nothing to worry about.
[Emphasis mine]

My guess is that these 5000 folks who were killed in just one days’ use of those piddling little nothings migh tobject, if they could speak, as would the ten-thousand who were injured.

By Yglesias’ estimation, the Jordanian government must have wildly overreacted when it nabbed the man who had over 20 tons of chemical precursors and was going to explode them in downtown Amman. The estimate there was on the order of 80,000 dead.

Because chemical weapons are, of course, a “red herring”. A trifle, right?

And this whole “War on Terror”? An illusion. A weather balloon reflecting the light from venus off some swamp gas. No big deal.

Go on back to sleep everyone. Nighty night.

(The comment that prompted Yglesias’ post is here)

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