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Aw…Who Needs That Amendment Anyhow?

| April 29, 2006 | Comments (3)

Oh that John McCain. What a Maverick he is. He’s so mavericky that he’s willing to toss the First Amendment out the window if he can get his idea of “clean government”. “He [Michael Graham] also mentioned my abridgement of First Amendment rights, i.e. talking about campaign finance reform….I know that money corrupts….I would rather [...]

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Happy Birthday/Anniversary To Me!

| April 28, 2006 | Comments (4)

You know what’s nice about this time of year? Today’s my birthday and April 26th was the second anniversary of The Shack. Pretty cool, huh?

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Yep, They’re the Serious, Responsible Ones

| April 27, 2006 | Comments (4)

This really does take the cake This is a real question, asked by a real MSM reporter, to the real White House Spokesman. Q It’s come to my attention that there’s been requests — this is a serious question — to turn these TVs onto a station other than Fox, and that those have been [...]

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A Little Numbers Game

| April 27, 2006 | Comments (6)

Did you know that the federal gas tax, per gallon is 18.4 cents? ConocoPhillips’ 9 cent profit was right around the industry average last year and wasn’t any larger than that of its competitor, Exxon Mobil. That company just posted a record quarterly profit that has caused Congress to hop into their gas-guzzling SUVs and [...]

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Conservative Axioms

| April 27, 2006 | Comments (7)

If you want a good, brief list of axioms that undergird a conservatives’ political beliefs, you won’t have to go far beyond this one by John Derbyshire. The list is distilled from a talk by Charles Murray, and author and scholar whose work I admire. I’ll give you his points in bullet form. If you [...]

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Catching up the Councils

| April 27, 2006 | Comments (0)

Here are the Watchers’ Council Posts from the March 31st contest: Council link A Slap in the FaceRight Wing Nut House Walking Out On Their Futures?The Education Wonks What Bush Needs To Do To Come BackJoshuapundit

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How’s the Economy These Days?

| April 27, 2006 | Comments (0)

If the American MSM would do more reporting like this, the public would be much better educated about economic matters and would be much less likely to buy the easy lies from the folks who want to run down the economy to make political points. (h/t: Michael Barone)

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Nighty-Night, Part II

| April 25, 2006 | Comments (0)

I have the feeling that Matthew Yglesias will, if he’s smart, be revising these comments fairly soon. Jonah’s readers also want to make a big deal out of the fact that Sabri apparently did say that Iraq had stocks of chemical weapons. Thus, in a semantic sense, Sabri’s account supported the contention that Iraq “had [...]

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