The Michael Brown Resume Flap

| September 9, 2005 | 1 Reply

So apparently, Michael Brown’s resume is being judged inadequate to run that agency.

I don’t know. I’m holding my fire on this. My initial response is to think “Yeah, that political patronage will kill you every time”. The more I consider this, though, the more I think “ Brown and these other guys did a good bit of national coordination in an election? You’d probably want national coordination experience in a job that’s all about national coordination”. I don’t honestly know if Brown’s resume qualifies him or disqualifies him to run FEMA.

I do know his resume wasn’t an issue when he was confirmed as Deputy Director of FEMA in 2002 thanks to a broadly bipartisan voice vote. You’d think that people might have paid attention to that then, if they thought he was just being put there because he was a Friend of ChimpyBushHitler.

And I certainly don’t remember his incompetence being brought up in the wake of the hurricanes that struck Florida last year. In fact, folks were complaining that FEMA was entirely too generous with its assistance. So I’m wondering when he became so stunningly incompetent and where this scrutiny has been for four years?

Brown may or may not be up to the job. He certainly seemed up to it before Hurricane Katrina. His resume wasn’t an issue when we hired him. Why is it a big deal now?

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