Nope…Still not Evacuated.

| September 7, 2005 | Reply

Okay, so it’s chic nowadays to heap tons of aspersions on FEMA and I suppose that’s what’s going to happen. After all, it’s the face of the Big Daddy Federal Government that, for reasons beyond my reckoning, we are to believe will take care of us, no matter what.

Well, okay. Let’s assume that.

Now we know that FEMA isn’t a lead agency – it’s a support agency. Local and State authorities tell FEMA what kind of help it needs and where and FEMA gets the resources and puts them there. Not a bad system, even though there are obvious holes – holes caused by, in my opinion, the sheer size of the bureaucracy.

So could someone tell me how, exactly, FEMA is supposed to be of any real use in New Orleans when the Mayor and Governor are arguing over whether they’re gong to evacuate the city? How can FEMA do the job of support when the folks who are supposed to be calling the shots can’t manage to figure out what shots they should be calling?

More importantly, how many “mandatory” evacuations does this make for the city? Two? Three? Four?

This is Monday. It’s been almost two weeks since President Bush declared the state of emergency, and New Orleans still isn’t evacuated. What in the hell does it take for the Mayor and Governor to realize that every day people remain in New Orleans means more deaths? Obviously, the Mother of All Hurricanes wasn’t a big enough sign from the Almighty. Perhaps his signs ought to be smaller – like a Heavenly pimp-slap upside their stupid, stuipd heads.

Meanwhile, FEMA and a horde of relief personnel are standing by, twiddling their thumbs, waiting for these two clowns to get their acts together.

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