Nah, that Water Ain't So Bad! Just Live in It a While Longer.

| September 7, 2005 | 4 Replies

I have to mention this, because when I read about it on The Anchoress’ site my head nearly exploded in a shower of confetti.

In an interview with Fox News, Louisiana Governor Blanco defended her decision to delay evacuating New Orleans after Mayor Nagin had ordered it (again).

“The mayor certainly has ordered that but the governor, and that would be me, would have to enforce it or implement it. We are trying to determine whether there is an absolute justification for that,” she told FOX News.

“I think the most important thing driving that decision would be the possibility of disease. If indeed the disease problem is evident, is inevitable, we’ll have to move to the next stage,” she said.

You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me.

If disease is inevitable?

Look, Governor. You have a city that’s 90 percent flooded. Right now, those waters are infused with human waste from the sewer system, chemicals from plants outside the city, thousands of human corpses, and hundreds of thousands of corpses of dead animals like housepets and rats.

And there’s some question in your mind about whether or not disease might be an immediate problem?

Tell you what, Governor. Hike on down to Ward 9 and camp there a few hours. You don’t have to spend all day, just walk down there, have lunch at any dry spot you can find, then hike back. Be sure to wear street clothes, just like the folks you are still refusing to evacuate. Sound like a plan?

I bet you’d decide whether the “disease problem” was urgent then, wouldn’t you?

Good Lord. What person watching a television for the past four days is still up in the air about how disease-ridden that water must be right now? I mean, what person aside from Governor Blanco.

It’s been obvious that Governor Blanco wasn’t up to the pressure of being decisive when decisiveness was needed the most. What wasn’t obvious until today is that she’s apparently dumber thana box of hammers.

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