You're Being Lied To.

| June 28, 2005 | Reply

You are being lied to.

Ever day, you’re being told how bad things are in Iraq, that we’re in a developing quagmire, a junior toddler quagmire, or a mature adult quagmire looking forward to retirement. You’re told that there’s no good reason for us to be in Iraq, that we’re doing no good there, and that our soldiers are dying for nothing.

You’re being lied to.

Go read this summary of what’s happening in Iraq, most of which, I guarantee, will come as a complete surprise to you.

For instance, did you know there’s an Iraqi military unit that’s getting more recruits than it can handle? Did you know that Iraqi army officers are getting their officer training in England, in preparation for their becoming instructors at their own military school? Did you know that locals in the city of Mosul say of one American, “on the streets, he’s a Mosuli”. Did you know that two Iraqi chuldren has got life-saving medical treatment in Jordan thanks to an American soldier.

Did you know that the Bosnians, Kazakhs, Ukrainian, and Estonian troops are ding troop and efficiency review, and helping to make the Iraqi army units better fighting machines? Did you notice that each of those nations was, until very recently, in the thrall of their own dictators?

Did you know that Australian troops are greeted with cheers and hugs in the al-Muthanna province.

Heck, did you know, for that matter, than there was any province aside from the insurgent-laden Al-Anbar province?

Read the post and while you do, ask yourself if you’ve heard any of these stories. Then ask yourself why not.

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