Bad News. Nothing but Bad News

| June 24, 2005 | Reply

I’ve said a couple times that it seems to me like far too many media outlets are not exactly on our side in this war we’re fighting.

Today, I think I can show you an example of what I mean. I was reading this article about how the President and the Iraqi Prime Minister – and isn’t it nice that he’s the first freely-elected Prime Minister in any of our memories? – are working out the final steps Iraq needs to take to become a fully independent and free nation again.

But my eyes were drawn to the article’s sidebar. If I had a decent photo-editing program, I’d clip it and let you see it. Here are the headlines listed under the header “News from Iraq”

– Attack on U.S. Convoy Kills 2 Marines, 2 Civilians
– Novel Written by Saddam to Be Published
– Rumsfeld Under Fire On the Hill
– Another Year of Living Misery in Baghdad
– Unlikely Allies Map Future

Under that is a header titled “More News” is a feature called “Faces of the Fallen” – a list of every soldier killed in iraq.

When I see that, I’m very sure I know why our being in Iraq is so unpopular right now. Why wouldn’t it be if you were the average Joe looking at those headlines? Hell, we might as well pack it up and go home because those terrorists really are beating our socks off.

How could you think otherwise, if those headlines are all you ever saw?

And I wonder why it is that’s all we ever see. I wonder why, in one of our nation’s largest and most influential newspapers, we don’t see one headline that gives some positive spin on a story to a nation at war. They have the choice to spin the headlines as they see fit. They do it all the time. Why, then do they choose to spin the news negatively. Whose side are they on?

UPDATE: Greyhawk has one in a series of posts detailing just how slanty the media coverage on this war has been. He cites several stories, then gives you the real story behind them, from the people involved. The more I read posts like this, the angrier at our MSM I get. There is a difference between being as objective as possible and throwing your citizenship out the window. It seems that all too many reporters are doing the latter.

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