Quiz Time – The Special Crime and Immigration Edition.

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Fairfax County, VA, has a rising problem with a street gang called MS-13. Made up largely of illegal immigrants to the US, MS-13 is proving itself extremely brutal and not at all afraid of targeting anyone for violence, even on-duty police officers. The weapon of choice for the average MS-13 member is a machete which they don’t hesitate to use, and have used more and more in Fairfax County.

Let’s take a little quiz. How would you deal with the situation? Let’s see how good a job you’d be as a Fairfax County government official.

Well, you might think that working with local immigration officials to arrest and deport MS-13 members would be a great idea. You might even take advantage of a new law in Virginia that specifically gives local police officers the authority to enforce immigration laws. Heck, you might press the State Police to work more closely with Federal officials to enforce the immigration laws.

After all, MS-13 is most made of illegal immigrants. If you deport them, the gang shrivels up and dies.

Sounds good, right?

BUZZZZZ!!! Wrong!

See? That’s why you could never be a Fairfax county official. You can’t even answer a simple question like: how do you deal with machete-wielding illegal immigrants?

Here’s the right answer, as given by the powers that be in Virginia. First, refuse to cooperate with Federal immigration officials and spurn the new powers your legislature gave you because you don’t want to upset any ethnic groups or scare any illegal immigrants into thinking that they might be deported.

“We’re not advocating, supporting or facilitating illegal immigration,” said Dave Rohrer, chief of the Fairfax County police.

But, he added: “Our job is to protect people. And I’m concerned that people who are victims of a crime, whether citizens or not, are not calling us because they’re afraid we’re going to check [legal] status only.”

Second, you’ll introduce a plan to regulate machetes.

[Lee District Supervisor T. Dana] Kauffman said he has proposed that the county lobby state legislators for restrictions on machete sales. “I find it abhorrent that you can buy a machete at a shopping mall,” Kauffman said.

Got that? The correct answer is 1) don’t enforce immigration laws or cooperate with immigration officials, and 2) regulate machetes.

That’s how you stop a hyperviolent street gang in Fairfax County, VA.

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