Is the President a Theocrat or a Methodist?

| April 30, 2005 | Reply

Those folks who believe that the President and his hand-picked cadre of religious zealots are still plotting to turn America into a theocracy, are going to come across this news report and completely miss the obvious.

[A]n appeals panel of the United Methodist Church has reinstated a lesbian minister who was defrocked in December after revealing in a sermon to her Philadelphia congregation that she was living with her gay partner.

The decision overturns a ruling by a lower church court that removed the Rev. Irene Elizabeth Stroud from the ministry for violating Methodist law that forbids “self-avowed practicing homosexuals” to be ordained or serve as members of the clergy.

What’s the obvious thing they’ll miss?

George W. Bush is a Methodist. This Church, that has decided that the “meaning of is” is more important than black-letter doctrine, is the same Church our President follows very faithfully. When he talks about his faith and his devotion to his beliefs, this is the group that represents those beliefs.

This doesn’t look like the sort of thing that’s had Andrew Sullivan standing on a chair and lifting his skirts for a couple weeks now.

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