Happy Birthday to Me and The Shack!

| April 28, 2005 | 1 Reply

Well, this is kind of an exciting week for me.

Today is my birthday, which, among other things, means that I have made it through another year and am just that much closer to finding out if I have anything in my part of the Social Security Trust Fund (so it’s like a game show that lasts a long time!).

More importantly, though, April 26th was my blogiversary. I started The Shack one year and two days ago. Sure, I could have said something then, but much like the kid who is born on December 23rd, it’s probably just best to celebrate them both on the same day.

No mushy tributes or thank you posts here. You guys know how much I appreciate you and cherish your faithful readership. This wouldn’t be any fun without you. Those of you who really helped me get The Shack up and running know how highly I think of you and how much respect I have for you.

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